The Locker Room Selfie: To Post or Not to Post?

We’ve all done it. Snapped that perfect ass selfie, tit pic, or money shot in your brand new or favorite outfit. “DAMN I look hot! ” you say to yourself. But wait! Stop right there! Before you post that badass half naked work of art you might want to read this.

Before every stripper on the planet jumps down my throat, I’ll post my last piece of advice first: ultimately do whatever the fuck you want. It’s your life, your body and YOUR CHOICE! Posting photos you love without fear or need for approval is part of sexual liberation. Do it with caution or with wreckless abandon, it’s seriously up to you. But as for me, I chose not to post locker room selfies, tit pics and money shots galore. I have a few scattered here and there but for the most part I have a gaping hole in my heart from missing out on every strippers right of passage. And maybe it’s just my own internalized misogyny, my fear of the IRS, or my fear of the patriarchy but I do know for certain that it is my fear of the future.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. That’s Newtons Third Law. Yes I googled that. But this, for the most part, explains my fear of posting nude selfies. Will tsunamis tear down the skyline of Tokyo? Probably not (although my selfies ARE that hot.) But will every old aunt of mine following me roll their eyes in disgust and contempt? Probably so.

I know you’re asking “Who cares?” or “Why don’t you make a separate account for that stuff?” Because I care, and because I don’t want to. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, making separate sex work accounts does nothing to normalize sex work. I integrate it into my normal everyday life in hopes of people realizing that it is well, in terms for me, normal (as it should be!) I know there are multiple reasons for needing a separate account (safety, privacy, business) but I personally do not and I encourage all sex workers who are able to come out TO DO SO.

Ok back to selfies. Another thing to think about is what is included in your selfie. Are there any identifying signs or symbols? Could someone locate you if they wanted to? Be sure to post any identifying pictures after you’ve left unless your goal is to get customers to come see you! Also be cautious of posting money shots, as this can encourage theft or robbery. Please please please be safe ladies.

Just know that everything you do in your life will have an effect on your life, good or bad. You may not want to be a stripper forever and this paper trail of the past could greatly impact that. Not to mention if one of your coworkers or schoolmates finds them and uses them against you NOW. There are shitty people in this world, who sadly don’t think this fun, lucrative, self empowering career you have is as awesome as you do. Your future employers may not be thrilled either. And if you’re like me you have absolutely 0% of your life planned out. If you have your 5, 10, 20 year plan written in stone with the exact moves you’re going to make and a naked selfie won’t affect that, then by all means share that masterpiece with the world. Hell, some womens brand IS naked selfies, and thats OKAY. Sadly, nudity in today’s society, is regarded as sinful, debaucherous, and immoral. And while we need be fighting against this, we have to remember we still live in the here and now.  But all this aside there is one last and obvious reason not to post:

The whole point is to get paid to get naked, isn’t it? If you want to see me naked you’re gonna have to come to the club and fork it over because if there’s one thing the patriarchy has taught me it’s that I have the pussy, I have the power, and you’re not getting any of it for free.


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